With REHABILITY, patients can carry out their rehabilitation exercises, from either the centre in which they are hospitalized or remotely, autonomously but with constant medical supervision.

REHABILITY is also available in two versions: lite, with the aim of active aging in a non clinical context and kids, with games aimed specifically for use in pediatrics.


REHABILITY won the Digital Awards Aboutpharma 2015 for the ‘Institution & Payors’ category confirming its potential as a telerehabilitation solution.

imaginary is a leading provider of high quality serious games and enabling technologies for the eHealth & Care Sector.
Nominated Best Practice for the Silver Economy
(European Commission 2015).

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  • As.P.I. (Legnano)
  • Associazione Kreo (Cagliari)
  • Casa di Cura Privata del Policlinico (Milan)
  • Centro Riabilitativo Ctr Primavera (Carbonia)
  • Fondazione Don Gnocchi (Milan)
  • KinetiKa Sardegna (Cagliari)


  • Anagennisi Salonicco (Greece)
  • Evexia (Greece)
  • IKC Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Kinderklinik Schömberg (Germany)
  • Praxis Helmuth Thiel Berlin (Germany)
  • Psihijatrijska bolnica Rab (Croatia)


  • O’Joy Care Services (Singapore)
Our scientific publications

Ascolese, A., Kiat, J., Pannese, L. & Morganti, L. (2017). Gamifying elderly care: Feasibility of a digital gaming solution for active aging. Digit Med [serial online] 2016 [cited 2017 Mar 8];2:157-62. Available from: DIGITAL MEDICINE.

Ascolese, A., Pannese, L. & Wortley, D. (2016). Gamified wellbeing for all ages- How technology and gamification can support physical and mental wellbeing in the ageing society, IFMBE Proceedings vol. 57, Springer.

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