With REHABILITY, patients can carry out their rehabilitation exercises, from either the centre in which they are hospitalized or remotely, autonomously but with constant medical supervision. This version is based on many years scientific research with specific studies in stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

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REHABILITY kids is the rehabilitation version specifically designed for use in pediatrics.

Active Ageing

REHABILITY lite is the version specifically dedicated to elderly people to help them realize their potential and promote active ageing, combining physical and mental well-being, social participation and independence in a non-clinical context.


active ageing

active ageing
active ageing

active ageing

REHABILITY@Home aims to support a patient centric, continuous care environment operating seamlessly between the clinic and the patient's residence.

(Coming soon) We address all the dimensions of connected care: logistical, medical, IT and social, supported by involvement of the patient, their medical team, family and relatives and other medical systems within the clinic.

REHABILITY enables patients to carry out their personalised rehabilitation exercises from the convenience and safety of their home.

  • Constant medical supervision is guaranteed thanks to the software that allows personalised parameters to be set and adjusted and the remote collection and analysis of data.
  • Benefits: continuity of therapy, personalised service, speed of processing and patient quality of life.
  • Works on mobile, tablet and PC.
  • With familiar environments to make it interesting and motivating for the patient.
Home Monitoring

REHABILITY is integrated with the home monitoring app Santigo by HIS: it allows the adding of REHABILITY’s cognitive ability monitoring to the available control functionalities of the environmental, home automation and clinician components.

REHABILITY’s games can be played on the same tablet used for monitoring and they represent an additional tool which makes Santigo a unique solution in terms of completeness and modularity.

This system is distributed in the following countries:

  • ITALY by Finmatica Group with the commercial name Smart*HOC
  • AUSTRALIA by Tecuris Pty Ltd
Our scientific publications

Jonsdottir, J., Bertoni, R., Lawo, M., Montesano, A., Bowman, T. & Gabrielli, S. (2018). Serious games for arm rehabilitation of persons with multiple sclerosis. A randomized controlled pilot study. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 19, 25–29. Available from: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

Ascolese, A., Kiat, J., Pannese, L. & Morganti, L. (2017). Gamifying elderly care: Feasibility of a digital gaming solution for active aging. Digit Med [serial online] 2016 [cited 2017 Mar 8];2:157-62. Available from: DIGITAL MEDICINE.

Scientific Advisory Board
  • Monica Cireddu, Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Associazione Kreo, Cagliari, Italy
  • Johanna Jonsdottir, Senior Researcher, Fondazione Don Gnocchi Onlus IRCCS, Milan, Italy
  • Jin Kiat, Social and Health Care Integrator, O’Joy Care Services, Singapore
  • Francesca Mameli, Neuropsychologist and Psychotherapist, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology for Movement Disorder, Fondazione IRCCS OSPEDALE Maggiore Policlinico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Ioannis Th. Paraskevopoulos, BSc MSc PGCERT PhD FHEA MIEEE MBCS, Senior Lecturer in Disruptive Technologies, University of Greenwich, London, UK
  • Vesna Šendula-Jengić, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, group psychotherapist, Psychiatric Hospital Rab, and Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Eleftherios Z. Stefas, MD, MSc, FEBRM, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant, Evexia Rehabilitation Center, Thessaloniki, Greece
What they say about us
REHABILITY - Rehabilitation solution of choice


  • A.USL Piacenza
  • As.P.I. (Legnano, MI)
  • Associazione Kreo (Cagliari)
  • Casa di Cura Privata del Policlinico (Milan)
  • Centro Riabilitativo Ctr Primavera (Carbonia)
  • Fondazione Don Gnocchi (Milan)
  • I.S.R.A.A. (Treviso)
  • KinetiKa Sardegna (Cagliari)
  • Paim Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Pisa)
  • Villa delle Ginestre (Volla, NA)


  • Anagennisi Salonicco (Greece)
  • Evexia (Greece)
  • IKC Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Kinderklinik Schömberg (Germany)
  • Praxis Hellmuth & Thiel Postdam (Germany)
  • Psihijatrijska bolnica Rab (Croatia)


  • O’Joy Care Services (Singapore)
  • Department of Rehabilitation Medicine - University Malaya Medical Centre (Malaysia)
Awarded at the Pitch Competition
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1st prize institution & payors category
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KEEN (Scandinavia)rehabilitation and active ageing purposes
Fundación Lovexair (Spain)respiratory diseases and neurology
BLU.IT - My Care (Italy)social-health digital solutions
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